How many styles of cabinets do you offer?
Please see all the door collections here.

Do you have showrooms?
Yes, our showrooms are in our distribution centers located in San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA & Kent, WA. Contact our regional Grand JK Cabinetry Distribution center for more information.

Many of authorized Grand JK Cabinetry dealers also display our product. Please contact them to find out by using our Dealer Locator.

Do you sell granite?
Yes, only sell to authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailers, and prefabricated granites only distributed in San Francisco, CA & Los Angeles, CA locations. They come in 8′ x 25.5″, 9′ x 25.5″, 3′ x 6′, 3′ x 8′, 3′ x 9′, 42″ x 8′, etc… Each location may vary in color and sizes. Please call us or visit our locations for more details. Container Volume Granite Purchase is available.

Do you sell sink & hardware?
Yes, only sell to authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailers and only distributed in San Francisco, CA & Los Angeles, CA locations. Please call us or visit our locations for more details.

Are all the cabinets made of solid wood?
Yes, all of our cabinets are made of solid maple wood door and frames with plywood constructed box. No compressed woods or particle boards are used.

Do you have a specification book?
Yes, click “Specification” to download the spec book that we have. Please note that when you need to place an order, please consult your authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailer for available sizes.

I am a homeowner, can I purchase Grand JK cabinets online?
Grand JK cabinetry does not sell cabinets directly to homeowners and does not sell them online, prices vary according to authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailers, you can contact your dealer for pricing. In some instances the cost to ship a cabinet may exceed the cost of the item purchased. Because of the intricacies of cabinetry varieties, sizes and shapes, it is best to seek the advice of authorized J&K Cabinetry retailers. By doing so, you will be certain to get the right solution for your home.

There are many factors critical to the success of a functional and aesthetically pleasing design and good installation. Many of authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailers use the latest technology to create designs with electronic software programs. Reducing errors through proper measurements, appliance and detailed mechanical specifications as well as construction specifics is necessary, and relying on a professional is recommended.

For the Grand JK retailers nearest you please visit your authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailers or you can have your licensed contractor to purchase from us.

Can I, a homeowner order a Grand JK Cabinetry price list?
Each authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailers establishes their own pricing policies, which reflect shipping and handling costs to their specific areas. Additionally, pricing a cabinet order can be quite complex depending on the size of your space and the storage and decorative options you choose as well as any construction upgrades you desire. Please consult your authorized Grand JK retailer for a design and precise quote on your new kitchen, bath or other room installation.

When can I expect to receive my cabinets?
Grand JK cabinetry is made to order for our authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailers. In most cases, they can expect an order roughly 2-3 weeks (depending on geographic of authorized Grand JK retailers and timing of your order).

For homeowners, we recommend to consult with your authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailer due to possible assembly and semi-custom or modification of cabinet(s).

How will cabinets be shipped?
We ship them unassembled and/or assembled in boxes, on pallet(s) and wrapped with stretched wraps.

Where can I get replacement parts, touch-up materials or polish/cleaner for my Grand JK cabinetry?
We offer touch-up material in different forms, such as fill sticks, markers, aerosol cans and quarts of stain to meet a variety of needs. However, since we do not sell direct, this product must be ordered and purchased from authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailers.

What wood material is used for Grand JK Cabinetry?
Solid maple wood is the main wood specie we use for cabinet doors, frames, moldings decoration parts, and drawers. And plywood is used for cabinet box construction.

What if my retailers does not have a sample, style or color that I’m interested in?
An authorized Grand JK retailer can order door samples that we offer. You can also order samples online.

Why I visited two retailers who both sold Grand JK products, and the cabinet names were not the same?
Style names may be different from retailer to retailer. Please bring a picture of the Grand JK cabinetry to your authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailer so they can identify the exact style that you’re looking for and provide you with information specific to their store.

How to maintain and care for my new Grand JK cabinets?
For cleaning and maintenance, please read our maintenance page in the specification.

What is Grand JK Cabinetry’s warranty?
Our warranty guarantees your cabinetry to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship under normal residential usage to the original purchaser for one year of the product. For a copy of the warranty and more details, please visit our warranty page.

Can I purchase a stain to coordinate the trim around my windows with my cabinetry?
You can order a stain through an authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailer.

How to apply stains?
Click here for stain application instruction.

Where are Grand JK products assembled?
All Grand JK cabinets are assembled in the United States in our distribution centers in Kent Washington, San Francisco CA and Los Angeles CA, or your authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailer.

How do I apply for a job?
We’re always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated workers to join our family. To view our current job openings, please visit our Employment page.

Can I purchase Grand JK cabinetry for rooms other than kitchen and bathroom in my house?
Grand JK cabinetry is available for the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, office or library, great or family room, laundry and craft rooms, dining room, bedroom, and entry way – basically almost anywhere in your home where you want beautiful semi-customized furniture.

Can I purchase only doors or drawer fronts for my cabinetry?
We offer the option to purchase only the doors and/or drawer fronts. However, sizes are limited. Your local authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailer is the best resource to determine available sizes.

Can I get replacement parts from Grand JK Cabinetry?
Grand JK Cabinetry at its option may elect to repair or to replace any Grand JK Cabinetry product covered by this warranty. We are always innovating and actively seeking out ways to improve our product offering and to make your life easier. As such, some replacement parts are subject to availability, and may differ from those originally supplied. Contact your authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailer for more info.

I have a project that needs a large amount of cabinets, who should I talk to?
If you have a multi-unit project or container volume, we have a container volume pricing.

How do I go about ordering this high quantity of cabinetry?
Please visit your local authorized Grand JK Cabinetry retailer so that they can contact a Grand JK Cabinetry sales representative to get you correct pricing information.

I am a wholesaler; would Grand JK Cabinetry be able to produce doors according to my specification?
Contact our regional Grand JK Cabinetry Distribution center for detail.

I am a wholesaler interested in developing my own unique designs, my own designed box construction and my own specification?
Contact our regional Grand JK Cabinetry Distribution center for detail.

Can I purchase container loads of Grand JK cabinets?
Yes, you are wholesalers, builders, contractor, home centers, whom are interested purchasing container loads. Contact our regional Grand JK Cabinetry Distribution center for detail.

I need to replace a cabinet, but the style has been discontinued. What should I do?
Contact our regional Grand JK Cabinetry Distribution center for detail.

How do I become a Grand JK Cabinetry retailer?
Grand JK Cabinetry currently sells through an established network of kitchen and bath retailers. In some areas Grand JK Cabinetry may be interested in establishing new dealer locations if a dealer meets specified criteria.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer and meet the criteria, please complete this literature request form, or fill out on our “becoming a dealer” page. Make sure to indicate that you’re a trade professional. A Grand JK Cabinetry sales representative will contact you.

Can’t find an answer to your question?
Contact our regional Grand JK Cabinetry Distribution center for detail.